Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love in a hot climate

I've gone back to using my desktop computer lately, because then the boy and I get to at least be in the same room together when we retire to our respective online pastimes.

But tonight my hard drive started beeping ominously at me. I know it wasn't anything I did, because the beeps started right after I'd downloaded the latest photos of The Little Madam - and that's all.

Once I was sure that the noise wasn't coming from a truck backing up outside the house, I quickly did what any IT Help Desk will tell you when you ring up with a computer problem. I turned the computer on and off again. It didn't work though, because the beeping came back.

So I went running to the boy, who is my own personal IT Help Desk. He reckoned it was overheating, maybe because its 27 degrees in here, maybe because it's an old hard drive and the fan isn't working any more.

It's at times like these that you're grateful for possessing a networked laptop, eh? Unfortunately, the photos are all on the beeping computer so I can't post the cute pictures of The Little Madam surrounded by a dozen soft toys in the big leather recliner; the Little Madam practising her Mexican wave; and The Little Madam sitting in her toybox, having tossed all the actual toys onto the floor.

The Little Madam, by the way, is still hot. I've been trying to get a urine sample to take to the lab, but it's not easy sticking a plastic bag onto a wriggly, toilet-untrained child who has an inconvenient tendency to poo when she's got a plastic bag stuck to her privates.


Make Tea Not War said...

Poor TLM and poor you. Very little children just seem to be constantly ill with one thing or another. Z's the same though it gradually and incrementally seems to be getting easier is getting older. I'm quite pleased that so far- touch wood- we haven't had anything gastric this summer.

happy and blue 2 said...

Good luck with the pee sampling.
A new fan for your computer shouldn't cost much. Fix it darnit..

Violet said...

mtnw: obviously Z hasn't been to enough barbeques yet :-)

happy and blue 2: I think what's more likely is that the boy will make this an excuse to go out and buy me a trendy wee Mac. Not that I don't want one, I just think there are more useful things to spend one's money on.