Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Excuses, excuses

I've heard it said that women who're up the duff gleefully use their constantly-changing body size as an excuse to go shopping for some cool preggy gear.

And one great side effect of following a wardrobe de-cluttering regime, is that afterwards you'll have lots of space you didn't have before - space for those new clothes you might need now that you've thrown away all those tapered jeans, massively shoulder-padded shirts, platform shoes and tube skirts.

But yesterday I discovered a new excuse for a shopathon.

If you sometimes take your child to the kind of playgroup which has access to a big sandpit, loads of freely-available finger paint but no bibs or washcloths, then you need to own outfits for getting mucky in. And if you don't have any, you'll need to buy some new outfits so you can wear what you have now, as mucky gear.

But I'm sure you have some tried-and-true excuses to share...


glomgold said...

I don't know what "up the duff" means, but if you wore your acid-washed Jordache jeans & shoulder paddy clothes to the sandpit, that'd kill two birds with one stone!

Leo said...

I just don't wash the clothes for a week so that when I need to dress in a hurry, it is quicker to go buy something.

The husband doesn't think much of that reason to shop though and claims that an odd thing called 'houseworke' would solve my problem.

Problem? What problem?

Violet said...

glomgold: you're assuming I didn't already take those clothes to the thrift shop already. And besides, even my mucky gear can't be too unfashionable.

leo: that is exactly how I ended up with so many pairs of knickers, socks and gym shirts. And you can never have too many of those. Your husband could solve it another way - and that's by doing the "houseworke" himself (to save do all that unnecessary shopping himself).

Angela said...

Sounds like fun

Determinist said...

Hahah... and reading your blog, I didn't think you were actually evil... maybe evil is too strong a word. Cunning and dastardly though. :-)