Sunday, February 25, 2007

My brain in lycra

The boy must have started worrying about my brain's atrophy as much as I have. Last week, he asked whether, if he bought a Brain Gym game for his Nintendo DS console, I would play it. Normally, when given the opportunity to try out a new computer game, I would answer with something witheringly negative like "Only if the alternative is to handwash your Y-Fronts for eternity" (Wii tennis excepted).

But he particularly emphasised the Brain Gym's reputation for re-building wasted grey matter, and - because I'd quite like to have an intellect again - I said I would.

True, I did do poorly in one of the games because I didn't understand the question (third time lucky though). But I was hooked for that brief time between dinner and my bedtime, and I could almost feel myself getting smarter. Although part of that might have been wishful thinking.


Nigel Patel said...

But if you keep playing and you keep getting smarter and smarter, what if you become an evil genious?
In America you probably then could sue the manufacturer for making you into an evil genious.

onscreen said...

I'd go for wishful thinking ;o)

Angela said...

I will have to start doing something to work on my brain as soon as I am done with school. For now I am safe. Glad you enjoyed the game

Violet said...

nigel: well obviously I won't be aiming that high, but it'd be a bonus!

onscreen: maybe, but not for long :-)

angela: school should be doing stuff for your brain already.

glomgold said...

I've been kinda itching to get either a DS or a PSP. The DS seems to have a bunch of interesting looking little games that I wish they'd make for larger consoles.

Violet said...

glomgold: I've consulted the boy, and he says that if you like arcade-y games you should get a PSP. If you prefer quirky games, get a Nintendo DS (he's got both so I guess that means he's a game slut!).