Sunday, February 18, 2007

An a-ha moment

There's a great walking track at the end of my street, which leads to a well-touristed lookout point. I usually walk this track on my own, and in the summer I've often set out quite late in the day so that it's getting dark by the time I've turned around for the return journey. And I would often come across lone males loitering about off-track.

Being a woman, encountering lone male loiterers tends to detract from the pleasure in my hour of fresh air and exercise. But I was probably just being paranoid.

Perhaps that guy was jogging (because they always seem to be wearing skimpy shorts, even in winter) along and had paused to admire the abundant scenery. Perhaps, after the first one stopped, another guy running behind him glanced over, briefly agreed on the loveliness of the view over the town below, then ducked into the bushes for a wee. We all know how much men like to wee outdoors. The the first guy sees him out the corner of his eye and remembers, "Yeah, my bladder's kinda bursting full. I could do with a wee too." And he ducks into the bushes, forgetting that perhaps it might be a little more polite to find a different spot. And then, embarrassed, they see each other and leave.

Or maybe this hill is gay pick-up spot and I, resident of this street for almost longer than Keira Knightley has been alive, just didn't realise until my neighbour mentioned it.


Kazzer said...

Oh dear, at least you can feel safe on the path now. As long as you remember that however much you're bursting, you mustn't go into the bushes for a wee.

Nigel Patel said...

My friend George Helios once had a man chat him up with the line "Is there a place to pee around here?". And that was just on a suburban street at 1:00 in the morning.
I had a drag queen chat me up but I was outside a record store in a gay neighborhood.
Naturally, we talked about bands.

Violet said...

kazzer: it's a bit ironic really, that men are the ones with the bigger bladders yet they're the ones most likely to wee just anywhere.

nigel patel: I've been chatted up by a gay woman, but it was in a pub so that was no huge surprise. We didn't talk about toilets though.

happy and blue 2 said...

So I guess when you go for your walks you should try to act masculine so you don't attract any unwanted attention, ha,ha..

Violet said...

happy and blue2: Are you trying to say that I look like a gay man? Hmmmm?

gerbera said...

Ah, I thought maybe that was a pick-up area but wasn't 100% sure.... It always seemed supremely odd that there often seemed to be guys loitering off the path.

Violet said...

gerbera: well there y'go.