Monday, February 12, 2007

Playing away from home

It'll only be about three weeks, before my work contract finishes and our wonderful nanny moves on to full time study. She's so good at filling in a whole morning for The Little Madam, that TLM is sure to notice that suddenly her days are not as chockful of finger puppets as they used to be.

And this is why I've decided to enrol TLM into two mornings per week at a local childcare co-op. This way, she'll continue to get some of the stimulation of learning and playing with other adults and children, and I'll continue to have some guaranteed child-free time. The boy would prefer I got another part-time job, but really it wouldn't be easy finding a job and childcare for the same time, would it?

Although there is a slight niggle in the back of my mind that tells me it's slightly indulgent to pay someone to look after my daughter when I'm not even going to be working...


Make Tea Not War said...

Just my opinion of course but I don't think you should feel bad. TLM will benefit from the contact with other kids and adults and why shouldn't you have some childfree time? If you are like me you might find you spend much of it doing things like washing & general life organisation and maintenance anyway. Children, as much as we love them, create a lot of extra work quite apart from the direct child care part. And if you spend it all reading and blogging or painting or going to the gym & just enjoying some breathing space- well so what. You have been working hard 24/7 caring for TLM since she was born.

Violet said...

That's how I rationalise it to myself, Make Tea, but the niggle is more emotional than objective I suppose.