Wednesday, February 21, 2007


For two months, I carried around in my head the date and time of The Little Madam's next appointment with the pediatrician. During that time, I rang the out-patient's desk repeatedly in hope of getting the time changed to a more nap-friendly one, finally succeeding after about a dozen calls. During that time, I decided to forgo a visit to a live Bill Bryson reading because it was on the same day as TLM's appointment.

So how the heck did I manage to forget all about the appointment when the time came?


Determinist said...

Andy Chilton went to see that talk, and posted about it on his blog, He said it was good and he spent a lot on Bryson books. :-)

Sorry you missed your appointment - sounds like a bummer.

happy and blue 2 said...

I don't know how you could be so forgetful.
Anyways, I just noticed that my drivers licence expires today so I should go renew it, ha,ha..

Angela said...

A mothers memory

Violet said...

determinist: I've read every single Bryson book except the one about Australia. thanks for the link.

happy and blue2: it's obviously memories like mine that make diaries as essential as they are.

angela: worse than that - a mother-with-terrible-memory's memory.

Andy Chilton said...

Yeah, I did go and see that (thanks for pointing it out determinist). It was a really good hour or so and I got his signature too. Now I should actually read the book :-)

I have a bad memory too, but if there are just a few appointments to remember, I kinda force myself and rarely forget.

Violet said...

andy chilton: I've got to say that normally I'd never forget appointments either, even though I've always had a terrible memory.