Saturday, February 17, 2007

The latest visuals of Baddha-kona-asana Baby *

(Baddha-kona-asana Baby - it sounds like a Hindu pick-up line, doesn't it? It's what the yoga teacher called The Little Madam because of her favourite pose.)

I know the rellies over in the UK are probably itching for some new photos of The Little Madam, so here they are.

The top one is TLM gettin' cosy with an unidentified male companion (the boy is already on the alert in case his shotgun is required), and the lower one is of TLM at a beachside park, wearing her Thomas the Tank Engine cap and engrossed in filling her nappy with sand (don't ask).


Angela said...

It seems like everybody’s family is so far away. I hope you had fun in the sand too

happy and blue 2 said...

TLM's boyfriend has big feet.
Just so you know, ha,ha..

Violet said...

angela: the boy's is, mine isn't (sometimes it feels like they aren't far away enough).

happy and blue2: oh, he not her boyfriend - he's just a gentleman caller :-)

Kazzer said...

The not rellies in the UK like photos of TLM too. She's growing so fast. Darn cute too - quite right of Daddy to keep an eye on those boys!