Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day via the stomach

I had the problem I always have when it's time to get the boy a gift - I don't want to spend up large because I'm not bringing in a heck of a lot of bacon, and anyway he's probably only going to want computer peripherals anyway.

So I did what I always do. I put it off until it was too late to do anything really cool, like organise a geek-o-gram or surround his workstation with embarrassingly cute photos of me 'n' him 'n' The Little Madam.

This afternoon TLM and I went out for a walk to the shops and bought the boy a nice litte card. It's got a picture of a fluffy middle-aged couple and the words "Soul Mates" on the front, with the word "Forever" on the inside. That's probably the most touchy-feely I've ever gotten in my choice of Valentine's Day cards. Then I bought him a bottle of Chardonnay just to be sure.

The boy's Valentine's Day prezzies to me were actually presented yesterday - a sweet bunch of blog-pink roses, adorably too short for the one vase I possess, and a heart-shaped, berry-topped chocolate cake that looks solid enough to substitute for Elven bread during a long march to Mordor.

But, as the boy said, it's good for you because there's fruit on it.


Nigel Patel said...

Mmmm, bacon.
Bacon and Elven bread, hmm?

Violet said...

Or...bacon and chocolate cake...yum...

Angela said...

Happy Valentines day! Sounds Yummy

Violet said...

thanks, Angela. It is yummy actually, and just what I need after the morning I've had (TLM's swim class, water pipes bursting, TLM's big poo in the middle of lunch, TLM's second big poo right in the middle of her nap routine...)!