Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Head explosion leading to sleepless nights

I'm having terrible trouble sleeping tonight (which is why I'm blogging at midnight), and I think it's because there's so much going on in my head right now.

There's the mere-est of possibilities that it's due to a Brain Gym overload - perhaps spending half an hour desperately trying to beat last night's score wasn't the most relaxing way to end my evening.

Or it might be because today The Little Madam took five - five! - unaided steps. We were in my mum's living room, encouraging her (TLM, not my mum, although she could do with some exercise too) to walk to and fro between us. First couple of rounds, I thought I saw her take one or two unaided steps, then three or four, before culminating in a massive five completely hands-free pitter-patters. TLM was pretty excited about it too; she giggled gleefully in a way that reminded me of that first time she let me hold her torso upright while she pumped her little legs up in down. I was really stoked of course; normally it's the boy who sees her milestones.

But that's not all. This being my last week, I've been training the lad who's been hired to replace me for the next couple of months and I keep thinking of things that I'd better not forget to tell him.

And that's not all either. TLM and I have our first visit to the childcare centre tomorrow. While I'll be with her for this visit (and probably the next two or three), it's still a reminder that her scheduled abandonment there is soon to start.

But wait, there's still more. My brother and sister-out-law are probably selling their house soon, and the boy and I have expressed interest in taking over as the new owners and inhabitants. Buying your first house is stressful enough. Thinking about trying to buy a new house and sell your old one at the same time is a nightmare.

It's all too much.


Nigel Patel said...

This is how it starts.
More of the Brain Gym and you'll be explaining your fiendish plot in fantastic detail to a Brittish agent you've manacled over your very own shark tank.
Your brother's house isn't a hollowed out volcano lair is it?

I'm feeling extra weird today.

Make Tea Not War said...

Hooray! Hooray! Well done TLM! She'll be running in no time.

Deirdre said...

Hi Violet,

Great to run into you and TLM at the park on Saturday. And fantastic work on the walking front! Bet she's having a fab day at child care - O will be pleased to see her there.

Let's catch up for a coffee - or a camomile tea - to help you sleep :)

Violet said...

nigel: wierd to you, but very amusing to me :-)

mtnw: yeah, and then it will be time to shop for a child safety leash.

deirdre: me too - I'm quite likely to take you up on your offer this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday (depending on whether the boy offers to do the morning shift on the Sunday). But it'll probably be for coffee though, unless you want me to turn up at 9pm!