Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Playing away

It was a bit of a busy day today; TLM and I spent most of the morning visiting her childcare centre, and soon after we got home - with barely enough time to change into something less paint-spattered - I had to leave to go to work for the afternoon.

It's funny how TLM can behave quite unexpectedly sometimes. I was expecting her to spend the first hour at the centre clinging to my thighs with her tightly pinching fists, before feeling comfortable enough to explore this den of toddler-iniquity. But on arrival, she took one look at the playdough-covered table and didn't even bother to say "seeya later" (but since it was the first of 4 pre-enrolment visits, I was obliged to hang around and try to look useful).

My kid had such a ball; after the playdough was the jigsaw puzzles, the sticky transparent finger paint i.e. glue, the actual finger paint, the books, the steps (or the "beestup" as TLM refers to them) and the sandpit. The ease with which she mixed in with the other kids makes me confident that, when the day comes to actually leave her there for 3-4 hours so I can get my hair cut, swim, shop or nap, I won't have to worry that I'm doing a bad thing.

In the afternoon, the nanny came by and took her out to play with a couple of adoring young girls. So all in all, a great day for TLM.

I, though, am absolutely knackered. I got about four hours of sleep last night (though thankfully TLM slept in till 7am so it could have been three hours of sleep), didn't get a midday rest because I had to rush from childcare centre to work, and my trainee had to put up with hearing me talk with my mouth full because of course I didn't get a lunch break.


Angela said...

Sounds like a blast. I am sure you would have had a little more fun with sleep though. Better luck with sleep tonight.

Violet said...

thanks angela. Last night was much better, though I still could have done with another half hour or so (TLM woke up at 6.15 and wouldn't go back to sleep).