Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's my daemon?

Romulus is a dingo, by the way. He looks elegant, and his name means that either he has a classical background (like, his bro's name is Remus), or that he's an animal from the Star Trek-verse (like, y'know, a Romulan's best friend). Way sexier than a ferret or a budgie, but oft-accused of baby-eating (but if you're not Antipodean, you'd have to know something of recent Australian history to get that reference)

I won't be going to see The Golden Compass, even though I loved the Phillip Pullman books that the film is based on. But that doesn't mean I can't go to the film website and find out what my daemon would be, if I lived in Lyra's world.

Those of you who feel you know me, are invited to click on the image and do the quiz yourself, to see whether I've got the right daemon for my personality.

Oh yeah, I found the link at Rullsenberg Rules.


Cathi said...

I saw the film. It had some good points, but didn't complete the story. I should blog it.

Ms Mac said...

I fell asleep in the film but I think that's only because I fall asleep in most films these days. Daniel Craig couldn't even keep me awake though which is a bit of a sorry state of affairs.....

Angela said...

havent seen it.
Hum... I guess it is ok to have a demon

Desiree said...

I haven't read the books nor seen the movie.

Fickle? - I don't think so. Indecisive maybe?

Took the test - apparently I'm modest, sociable, spontaneous, flexible and competitive - which means my daemon is a Snow Leopard.
HI doesn't think modest is right for me, but I guess it depends on your definition.


Violet said...

cathi: they must be intending to continue the story with one or two sequels then. Yeah, go on - blog it.

ms mac:Good god! If Daniel Craig can't keep you awake then the world must be coming to an end!

angela: daemons, according to the books and movie, are not at all like demons in other stories. they are like part of your soul, but in animal form. You should read the books!

desiree: nah, I wouldn't say you were modest either :-)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

it tells you all about daemons. The golden compass one is inaccurate and stupid. Dont let it name your daemon! Its you so go out there and learn about it! C'mon you gotta go to
i found more about my daemon from it, but its good for people like you who dont know that much. I met my daemon when i read the Philip Pullman books, and used the to find out more. Good luck