Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Geekdom beckons

I've decided to look for work as a test analyst (as well as look for technical writing work, that is). For those of you unfamiliar with the IT industry, these are the people who test new software before it goes "live". It's always been thought of as extremely boring (which explains why it's so well-paid). But a lot of test analysts get to do technical writing work and the latter is what I'm after. So I'm going to give it a go.

At the very least, I'd be able to earn enough money to pay for the nanny that I'd have to hire, to entertain TLM until she gets into another daycare (one that is open all day).

But if I do this, I'll end up very close to where I started - miserably writing computer programs for a large,greedy corporation. I don't know how I'll feel working again with the kind of people whose idea of heaven is a room full of computer parts, peripherals, cables, modems and little flashing lights.


Desiree said...

Hey good luck with the job - welcome back to workdom! Does this mean we can do the coffee thing more often? 8-)

Make Tea Not War said...

Some of the people I work with are quite mad to say nothing of some of the institutional dysfunction that periodically manifests itself- but the one thing I really do like about my job is the fact that every two weeks they PAY me and so whenever colleagues are going "oh what's the point?" I point out that being paid is the point and soon another week passes, the drama of the moment is replaced by another and so like sands through the hour glass the days of my life pass by.

My point? Umm...maybe it was that I think work is basically annoying everywhere but money is good, if nothing else its a change of scenery that gets one out of the house.

So I guess you are no longer keen on being a librarian? I've always thought that would be quite an ideal job in many ways but not many librarians seem to feel that (?)

Nigel Patel said...

At least you'll be taking large sums of money away from The Man.

Violet said...

desiree: yes it will, as soon as I find someone to employ me :-)

mtnw: well, what puts me off continuing down the librarian path is that I'd have to finish my MLIS in order to be qualified (which could take me another 3 years and that's assuming my first year's papers still count), and even if I did finish the qualification and get a librarian job, I still wouldn't make that much money. I reckon librarians must be the lowest paid, highly qualified people in the Western world.

nigel: that's true. And if I end up working for a bank, I'd probably get financial perks e.g. fee-free bank accounts.

Angela said...

The computer job I had right out of college nearly killed me with bordom, but I am sure you will love it I hope.

BTW I tagged you for a food meme.

Violet said...

angela: each to their own, eh? Today I caught myself wondering whether I should have followed the same path as my Chinese peers, and become an accountant.

glomgold said...

That's what all my rooms look like! Kidding. Kind of.

Good luck though! There are definitely worse jobs out there, if you've ever seen that "Dirty Jobs" TV show, I'm sure you'll be pretty happy with whatever you wind up with!