Thursday, February 14, 2008

Playroom envy

What I like about going on playdates is that TLM gets to check out other kids' toys, and I get to talk to grown-ups (even if we end up talking about our kids). What I don't like is that everyone else seems to have homes with much better playing spaces than ours.

We've got a teeny tiny lounge and TLM has a teeny tiny bedroom. Our backyard is not quite teeny tiny, but it's not very flat and not at all conducive to ride-ons and paddling pools. My friends all seem to have large family rooms, large decks for alfresco dining, and large outdoor play areas ideal for sandpits, pools and pretend bear-hunts.

They aren't doing it to show off, they're just fortunate to have the space and the equipment. But it often brings out the inferiority complex in me.

I shouldn't complain. If it's never at our place, then we never have to clean up the mess that multiple toddlers make. And most of the time, we have just enough space - and stuff - to be happy.


The Editter said...

And they all have huge mortgages. So nyah nyah to them, eh?

Angela said...

I have some of the same feelings.
But hey I have a balcony
If I had a single family home I wouldn't have a balcony

Violet said...

editter: yes that's true. But they have such cool play rooms!

angela: balconies are good for dropping parachute toys off of. Is that what you do with yours?