Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Funny food names

One of my favourite sweet treats is a doughnut-shaped, cream-filled chocolate eclair. But I can't say the name of it without guffawing. It's called a dutch ring. (But I couldn't find a reference to this on Google, so maybe it's a local thing.) Is it just me, or does it sound like a sex aid or method of contraception?

Other food names that raise chuckles:

- You probably already know of the the steamed suet pudding, with currants in it, the infamous spotted dick.

- According to the boy, many Kiwis cannot say "kumquat" without snorting into their teacups.

- I also remember coming across Bimbo bread when I was in Italy. I guess you'd have to be a bit of a bimbo to buy the packaged stuff when you could get wonderful warm, crusty loaves at any panificio.

- A few years ago, my flatmate had a bottle of Fighting Cock whisky. I could not possibly drink any of it. I don't think even he did.

I bet you folks can think of several more funny or rude food words.


Angela said...

Can't think of any names right now, but a name does make it easier or harder to eat something
Chocolate attached to any food item must be good, right

Violet said...

angela: yeah, but would you drink chocolate beer? Because I know the stuff exists.

Ms Mac said...

Toad in the Hole always sounded like a game that would end in tears to me...

Anonymous said...

Creaming soda always cracks me up. It's cream soda in the UK (which is almost as bad)


I guess you'd have to be a bit of a bimbo to buy the packaged stuff when you could get wonderful warm, crusty loaves at any panificio.

I am impressed you resisted the temptation to say "warm crusty baps" in this sentence.

ElizaF said...

Cock-aleekie soup always got me :)

Nigel Patel said...

I know a lot of shots and coctails with cheeky names but I don't know too many food names.

But my favorite booze name isn't dirty at all: Alabama Slamma!
Who wouldn't want to throw back a few of those with a name like that?

Violet said...

ms mac: I reckon any dish containing sausages is ripe for a funny food name!

cathi: or even just the word, "cream", by itself. I blame Prince.
Baps - ah yes. Floury baps are funnier.

elizaf: it sounds like something to do with urinary incontinence, doesn't it?

nigel: it's a friendly, fun name. Fun to say and easy to buy. Hope it tastes good.

Leo said...

I have tasted chocolate beer and it is an aquired taste, one I haven't acquired yet anyway but I have also tasted cherry beer and that is actually very nice. Still seems wrong though.

Violet said...

Leo: I can't eat or drink anything cherry-flavoured; it reminds me too much of cough-mixture.

Anonymous said...

The "ing" makes it into a verb and therefore unambiguously nothing to do with the noun except possibly a passing visual resemblance :)

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