Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The best thing about local tv drama

The best thing about local TV drama, is the possibility of seeing your home town - perhaps even your self - on the screen. When I started watching The Insiders Guide to Happiness on DVD, I didn't know (or had forgotten) that it was filmed in the suburbs and streets near my home.

It's a great little ensemble drama set in urban New Zealand, about a group of 20-something and 30-something Kiwis who find happiness in various ways. It's a little surreal, a little philosophical, and doesn't make me cringe to watch it (i.e. it's not Welcome to Paradise - go here for an idea of how bad Paradise was compared to say, Flight of the Conchords).

There's a lager-head who is, temporarily, the reincarnation of a time-travelling Buddhist monk; a needy young woman who wins 6 million bucks on the day her boyfriend leaves her for a skanky ho; a nice Samoan boy who meets the love of his life just before being hit by an ambulance, and spends several episodes as a ghost; and the woman whose unborn child sends her txt messages.

As riveting as the story of The Insiders Guide to Happiness was, I couldn't help being distracted by the urge to identify every cafe and street the characters appeared in. I suppose this kind of thing doesn't affect the residents of oft-filmed locations like New York, London or Paris.


Angela said...

It is cool to read or watch something that takes place near where you live.

Violet said...

yeah, it's probably one reason why the Lord of the Rings trilogy was so popular in NZ.