Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's all in the underpants

Yesterday afternoon, I tried out a pair of training pants on TLM. She didn't seem to object, and it was great not having to worry about finding unexpected puddles on the furniture. But once she took them off for a toilet break, she refused to put them back on again. She absolutely insisted on wearing her big-girl Dora underpants. Fortunately, this coincided with a pleasantly surprising leap in her toilet-training progress; she is now much less resistant to using the potty. She has even started actually using it.

At first, I thought "Geez, she must dislike those training pants so much, that she'd rather use the potty". But I remembered that a couple of her daycare friends have recently started wearing big-girl undies. So I guess it's peer pressure I have to thank.

Another thing that's keeping my wee-worries at bay, is that I've placed a super-thick, furry throw on one of the sofas; something nice and absorbant.

I'll be taking the other 3 pairs of training pants back to the shop. I hope they stock Thomas the Tank Engine undies...

I know it's way early in the experiment, but in hindsight I think I should have used training pants from the start, and only used pull-ups for outings.


Angela said...

Hope everything keeps going in the trained direction

Violet said...

It's been going remarkably well, thanks. She was dry all morning today. Although, we have doubled the number of potty trips and none of them were initiated by TLM.

Gini said...

Kmart sell Thomas the tank engine undies!

Its great you are making such good progress.

Violet said...

Gini: Oh cool! I'll take her out there some time.