Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another one of those cute toddler things

Just before the boy took TLM off to the zoo yesterday afternoon, he and I had a tiff; I wanted him to take the toddler toilet seat with him so she'd have the chance to do her business in the zoo loos if she wanted, he didn't want to bother. I won, but it was a victory that had me feel bad about forcing him to succumb to my wishes.

So I txted him an apology, and he replied that he had a super-cute TLM story. And when they returned home, he told me all about it.

Apparently, when they were at the tiger enclosure, one of the inmates did a huge tiger wee just a few feet away from where they were standing. TLM pointed this out to him, and then proceeded to tell the tiger off for not using a potty. Then she turned to her daddy and said that the tiger must not be a grow-mope (i.e. grown-up).


Angela said...

That is adorable
Good for her that tiger should have known better

Violet said...

And I'm relieved that she hasn't decided to wee like a tiger!