Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the job hunter's progress

Since I first posted about my possible job interview, I've:

1. been offered a 1-month assignment at the place I used to work;
2. had my tech writing job interview postponed;
3. had to turn down the 1-month assignment, because I really wanted the tech writing job; and
4. done the interview, which turned out to be a meet'n'greet interview only

I'll know in a couple of days whether they want me to do a second, full-on panel interview. Hopefully by then they'll have read my CV properly and won't ask any more questions that are already answered in it.

So anyway, it's just as well that I went out and bought a bunch of new interview clothes items, because I wouldn't want to be known as the interviewee who has only one nice outfit.


Angela said...

New clothes are always nice
Hopefully all will turn out soon

Violet said...

angela: I'm sure it will, but I'm terrible at waiting!