Saturday, February 09, 2008

The stalking has been postponed

The folks who'd promised to call me about a job interview, finally called. By then I'd left two voice mail messages and given up on them. In fact, when my cell phone rang, TLM was sitting on a rocking horse in an upmarket kiddy store, and I was standing nearby, mentally composing a gently complaining blog post about them.

But I'm glad I didn't get around to doing that. She seemed keen to chat with me and find out where I might fit in their organisation; I've got an appointment with her next Friday morning.

Tee hee...


Angela said...

sounds exciting.
I do hope everything works out perfectly for you.
Toy Two year olds and toy stores don't mix well

Angela said...

take out the first toy
gotta fever right now I don't have to make much sence

Violet said...

Actually, it mixed well at this place, because it was a play pen designed to keep littlies amused whilst the grown-ups shop. I'm not too well myself this weekend; I hope we both get well soon.