Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wassup this weekend

On Friday, I traded in the (unworn) toilet-training pants that I'd bought a week before, for a copy of Baby Jazz. TLM loves it, and it makes a nice change from French Playground (which has been playing constantly for months). Can't imagine a ciggie-toting toddler in a black turtleneck? Give it time.

TLM is obssessed with the orange jellyfish she saw on our HD DVD of David Attenborough's Planet Earth. It's, like, the best thing since Fairy Trina.

I have a cold, and all weekend I've been feeling sluggish and unhealthy. Is it possible to feel both light-headed and leaden-headed at the same time? Because I do. Oh, and TLM has a cold too.

My mum, my brother and my brother's family are all back from Hong Kong. Apparently it's been quite cold over there, so I bet they're a little disappointed to return home just in time for a cold snap. TLM and I will probably head over to see them once we've stopped sneezing and spluttering.

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