Friday, February 29, 2008

Degrees of sickness

TLM is in the midst of her second cold in two weeks. She woke up an hour early this morning with her face covered in snot, and protested loudly when I tried to get her back into bed. So there were three cranky people in the house this morning.

Too sick to go to her daycare, but not too sick to have a jolly good time at the park. I can either be glad that she's only got a cold, and can at least be distracted by play; or I can be grumpy because I've missed out on my childfree morning and TLM doesn't even seem all that poorly.

But I have to admit that I didn't have too bad a time. She took great joy in rushing around the playground, and asked to do her poo in a nappy (instead of just letting it drop into her knickers - and for this I felt unreasonably grateful).

And she looked damned cute with her hair up in pony tails.

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Angela said...

Well at least you guys had a good time out
I guess potty training is going a bit better