Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thank goodness she doesn't say this stuff in public - yet

Most mornings, I get to dress in private; the boy is still asleep and TLM is in the lounge eating cereal and watching a DVD. But yesterday I let her follow me to the bedroom and hang out while I dressed - I should've known that would set a dangerous precedent.

Because she insisted on coming along this morning too. And while I got my underwear on whilst trying to look comfortable with nudity, she announced "Mummy has two bellies!", loudly enough to make the boy wake up and wonder if I'd indeed been overindulging in vanilla ice cream lately.

Well, it turned out that TLM was refering to my boobies. Although I'm not sure if that was an improvement.


Zephra said...

Wait till she finds out she will be getting two someday.

Violet said...

I did say she'd be getting some too one day, though I'm sure she just can't conceive of it.

Violet said...
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Leo said...

Very cute, and so it begins. Have your answers for those 'big' questions ready.

Angela said...

she can count
It is good that you don't have one or three