Thursday, May 10, 2007


TLM woke up from her afternoon nap all grizzly, but that's quite normal for her. I just put her in her hammock, which is suspended from a hook in the living room ceiling, and bounce her in it until she's ready to continue with her day.

What wasn't so normal was that she hardly left the hammock all afternoon. She was having one of those moods where nothing will make her happy - not cookies, not watered-down juice, not drawing on her clothes with felt pens, nothing. So I asked whether she wanted to get back into her hammock.


After a while, the grizzling came back. Did she want some dried apricots? "Okay". Some juice? "Okay". Some nashi pear? "Okay". Some BoohBah? "Okay". (Yep, she can watch DVDs from her hammock - that's the beauty of having a plasma TV screen up on the wall.)

TLM was "Okay" with having dinner too, but it turned out to she was only "Okay" with playing with dinner i.e. spooning macaroni cheese into the fruit salad and vice versa.

When I realised how hot she was to the touch, I thought she might want to go to bed early (like, an hour early, 5.30pm early). "Okay".

It was certainly a refreshing change to "No", but I'd rather she didn't have to be sick to be compliant.


Make Tea Not War said...

Oh dear. Hopefully not the horrible virus we all had thats going the rounds. Z had an intermittent fever for a week though only one day of vomiting. We all had headaches and nausea for awhile though -everytime we ate something.

Daddy L said...

Hope TLM feels better soon. I keep forgetting you're heading into your cold and flu season, unlike us, who are just coming out of it.

Wicked said...

Wait til "No" turns into an all-out "NAH!!!!".

Hope she feels better soon.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

poor thing. Hope she's on the mend.

Violet said...

mtnw: the doctor reckoned her throat was all inflamed, so it might be a different species of virus than the one that hit your family. It would explain why she wouldn't eat in the evening, only to be ravenous in the morning...

daddy l: I suspect it's more related to the frequency of visits to the local playgroup ;-)

wicked: TLM has a different variation to "No" - it's a very loud screech.

lumpyheadsmom: yeah, what a fab mothers day present.