Thursday, May 03, 2007

Braininess runs in cycles

Every now and then after dinner, I take the Nintendo DS out of its case and play a few rounds with the brain gym. And I've learned that my intelligence fluctuates even worse than a serial dieter's weight.

Sometimes I'll take the test, and do astonishingly well in the Calculate section but not so well in the Memory section. Other times, my Calculate score is shameful, but my Memory seems to have made a comeback.

In part, this is to do with which sets of tests I get. But I think it's even more influenced by how tired I am, how loud the television is and whether I can hear TLM having a nightmare in the next room.

It makes sense, really, but I'd never realised how much difference it makes. So I suppose the idea of studying in the evenings might not be a very good one eh?


Determinist said...

AND, it could mean that the brain gym doesn't really indicate intelligence at all, and is just a fun game to pass that time. Just offering up the option, it might make you feel better on one of those days when calculate AND memory is low. ;-)

darth said...

when I first tried that game, I got totally flummoxed by the whole "color-word" part..where you have to say the color the word is printed in? But the word itself is that of a different color? I just couldn't get over it. wtf.

Angela said...

Now you made me think what time is it best for me to study.

Violet said...

determinist: yeah, I'll save that one for exactly that situation :-)

darth: I know the one you mean, but it's not in the brain gym I play - that is, it's not full of trick questions!

angela: from my experience, the best time to study is when you're at your most relaxed and least tired.