Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kenny, the toilet guy

I keep forgetting to post about Kenny, a movie we watched on DVD recently. It's got to be one of the best movies I've seen this year.

It's an Australian mockumentary about a guy whose job is to look after those portable toilets which are so ubiquitous at just about every big outdoor event you've ever been to (you know, the kind that people lose their wedding rings in, the kind that petrolheads set fire to at the car races, the kind that well-dressed snobs throw up into....).

People he meets at parties suddenly spot a distant guest they just have to greet, once they find out what Kenny does for a living. His dad keeps trying to set him up for interviews at other jobs - any job other than the one he's got as an un-glorified toilet-cleaner. His ex-wife rings him at the most inconvenient times with their son's discipline problems.

But Kenny likes his life. And he's not a thicky either - his line "there's a smell in here that'll outlast religion" (while he's cleaning a loo from the inside) is good enough, dine on...for years to come. And he's such a lovely guy too.

The movie is so well made, and the acting so convincing, that I didn't even realise that it's all fiction until the end when I saw the acting credits. Which makes the movie even better than when I thought it was for real.

If I had a rating system for films, I'd give this one a 10/10.


Kazzer said...

sounds like a load of poo to me.

Violet said...

Yeah it's the biggest load of old shite I've ever seen. It's great.

Angela said...

There are movies about everything. I am still surprised that the movie makers haven't run out of Ideas yet, sounds close though

Violet said...

angela: well I think some moviemakers already have. Which explains all the sequals, remakes and movies based on best-selling novels :-)