Monday, May 21, 2007

Life changers

The Editter answers some pretty interesting questions over here, and I've been inspired by her post, to tell you something about those crossroads in my life (so far) which have led to the blogger you're reading today.

When I was in my final year at secondary school - the year in which you have to decide whether to go to university or technical college or get a nice job in a bank - I almost enrolled in Horticulture.

May I remind you that I have the horriblest hayfever in the world? It's not even a step up from my previous intention, which was to enrol in Veterinary Science, despite my severe allergy to cats and horses. The latter was understandable - I was mad keen on animals - but the former was a desperate attempt to leave home. I came to my senses just before I sent the accomodation cheque to my allocated hostel, and instead went on to obtain a useless degree in Zoology.

Damn! I must've accidentally published this far-from-finished post when I meant to save a draft. By the time I had completely re-written it, two people had already left comments on my accidental post, so it's kinda too late now to replace it with the intended one. Anyway, if you thought this seemed a little unfinished and go-nowhere, then that's why.


flying kiwi said...

It's not totally useless. I've always found it vaguely amusing that you studied zoology and then became a programmer. And it must be useful for figuring what bits of TLM are what.

Angela said...

Learning and doing many different things helps to give a person a different outlook on the world. So, if you use it for a profession or not it doesn't matter. That is what I have come to feel. I am glad I went to college but who knows if I will ever go into the particular fields I studied.

Violet said...

flying kiwi: well it's good to know that my university studies went towards amusing you :-)

angela: yeah at least I didn't do an accounting degree - it would have been useless AND boring.

Laura said...

Seiously - it's not like I use my MA in English either. It's all about the journey.

Cathi said...

Definitely. I don't think any degree subject is useless, even Classics and **ahem** Art History (dives for cover). In any case you got an -ology. No -ology can ever be considered useless

But now I want to know what else you were going to say.

Violet said...

laura: if you enjoy what you're studying, I suppose it'd be worth it. And anyway, a degree in English is sure to make you a better writer.

cathi: y'know, I would love to have studied art history. Only I didn't get interested in it until a few years ago - when I went to Europe and saw some great non-Contemporary art.