Monday, May 14, 2007

Nicely tenderised

TLM seems much better today, apart from needing an incredibly early nap (9.50am, instead of midday). But we still didn't get out and about because I've been in horrible pain since about Saturday afternoon.

The paracetomol was doing very little to relieve it, and really the only affect it seemed to be having was that I was really drowsy all the time. The Ibuprofen worked much better, but I refused to take if for ages because I'm asthmatic and there's a warning about it on the back of the box.

So anyway, half of my back was feeling really tender; every time I accidentally brushed it against, oh, a puff of air, it hurt like crazy. I've worn a grimace that's lasted for days.

Then the boy decided this "pimple" needed squeezing. I hope you guys aren't eating right now.

But I'm not going into the gory details of what came out of there, mainly because I didn't see anything. But I can tell you that those squeezes hurt like hell. In fact, by the time he'd finished with it, I was blubbering like a baby. I don't remember crying that hard when I gave birth.

And he's going to have to repeat his extractions every evening until it's all gone. So there'll be no cream buns on the snack menu for at least a week.

Like I said in a comment in the previous post, now I understand why Dr House is such a grumpy bastard.


Cathi said...

It's at moments like this, when couples groom each other, that we realise we really are descended from gorillas

Perhaps you can scour him for nits or something in return

Lumpyheadsmom said...

yikes. I'm so sorry.

Angela said...

I bet he is enjoying it too. I know those things hurt.

Violet said...

cathi: I suppose the willingness to squeeze each other's abcesses is a fine test of intimacy!

lumpyheadsmom: it's gotten much better since then, thanks. But if I get another, I'm going to have words.

angela: he said something about not being fazed 'cos he was there when I got stitched up after TLM's birth ;-)