Monday, May 28, 2007

I'd take a village

If anyone were to see me now, lying on the couch with my feet up and a laptop balanced on my good knee, they would think I was having an unusually pleasant and relaxing day. In fact, when I'm in this position, that's exactly how it feels to me too.

Ubfortunately, every time I get off the couch to fetch myself a cup of tea, or go to the bathroom to dispose of one, it all comes back to me. My infected knee not only looks as big as the boy's head, it looks like the boy's head after many hours of drinking.
But at least I'm no longer getting the shakes and shivers, and my body temperature is back to normal.

I feel quite fortunate that the boy was willing and able to take a day off work to look after TLM and me - he'd already spent his entire weekend doing that and probably now has a seriously large relaxation deficit. But I wish I didn't have to rely on the boy to help out when I'm sick.

Ideally, I'd have a wide network of unemployed or stay-at-home parent friends who would come by and entertain TLM so I can get on with getting better. I, of course, would repay their kindness with homemade lasagne (well, perhaps something from the supermarket then) when they get sick themselves. We'd pop into each other's homes just to check on each other's well-being and maybe borrow a cup of sugar...

It's probably the antibiotices talking.


Make Tea Not War said...

Poor Violet, hope the knee gets better soon and here's virtual lasagne ;)

And it's probably no consolation but just imagine how hard it would be to be a solo mother in this situation [shudders] My hat is off to people who cope with single parenthood

Violet said...

Oh,i know!

Kazzer said...

I knew there was a reason I came back to England.

Anonymous said...

kazzer: so you have help to look after all those children of yours? :-)