Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'm really annoyed, frustrated and disappointed. And it's not even because people are pulling me up on my grammer and punctuation.

I'm all of the above because I have a right knee about the size of the boy's head. Yep, the painful condition which has already afflicted me twice in the last month is paying a return visit. I never really appreciated my knees before, because they really make it not worth wearing a mini skirt, but now that one of them looks like it's suffering from a bad case of elephantiasis, well all I can say is, come back all is forgiven.

If I take painkillers I'll be too out-of-it to go to painting class. If I don't take painkillers, I'll be in too much agony to go to painting class. Either way, I'm going to miss my niece's 3rd birthday party.

Well, at least it's a lovely day outside...


Kazzer said...

Sorry to hear about your knee Violet. I'm sending you positive 'get well' vibes which are heartily strengthened by having just spent 2 weeks in the Greek sunshine.
p.s. it's grammar.

Violet said...

Really? You mean all these years I've been spelling it wrong?