Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Art for the young 'uns

Yesterday Baby attended her first art exhibition. She and I turned up to a baby-friendly tour through some of the respective works of Patricia Piccinini and Michael Smither, and I must say it turned out very well.

She was in the backpack - a cunning choice of babycarrier because it afforded her the best views of the artwork and also was most likely to put her to sleep when the time came.

I don't know what Baby thought of the imagined bio-engineered creatures, or the paintings of little children being naughty; every time I looked over she seemed to be communing with another baby.

By the time the hour-long talk had come to a close, Baby was asleep and I was free to unload my shoulders and scoff down several biscuits and a cup of tea (also free - now that's what I call a good art exhibition!).

There's a future in this.


Make Tea Not War said...

Babies are interested in other babies. I used to find it quite cute and funny watching my baby daughter in her stroller checking out, and being checked out, by other babies in their strollers.

boudica of suburbia said...

Well done on the sneaky procurement of tea and biscuits. I thoroughly approve!

darth said...

piccinini's stuff is awesome. i love the game boys, advanced one. and "the young family" was shown over here i think-i remember it getting lots of press coverage. is it just as cool in real life?

Violet said...

mtnw: It's cute, alright.

boudica: Nice choccy ones, too!

darth: "young Family" is cool. It's very disturbing because the creatures so obviously have a human component. Apparently Piccinini used the same kind of glass eyes on the mother figure that are used on humans. It certainly puts me off the idea of creating a species of animal to use as organ farms.