Friday, May 05, 2006


At our last Mothers Network meeting, right at the end, we took turns to talk about our non-baby interests.

And that's what made this meeting the first one I've truly enjoyed.

It was such a nice change to talk about something other than motherhood and babies, with people who'll understand if motherhood and babies creeps into the conversation nevertheless.

Along the way, not only did I find out interesting things about the other mothers (like the one who used to paint, the one who was a landscape gardener and the one who was a music-loving party animal), but I got the chance to be seen as more than just the mother of a non-sleeping baby.


Jon said...

That sounds so domestic! Pretty soon, you'll be baking cookies for teacher ;-)

And no mention of the nypyho mom who's having a fling with the pool boy?

Wicked said...

What good therapy for ALL the mums to talk about something besides babies. :)

Cathi said...

I thought that was the whole point of mother-and-baby groups - never having been to one myself - that they are places where people who have to be 150% focussed on baby all the time can get together and talk about something else with, as you say, others who understand that you might break off midsentence or be a bit sleepy or whatever.

I hope it's my turn one day

Violet said...

jon: this ain't Desperate Housewives, y'know! Nympho Mum was probably still tight-lipped about her toy-boy, since we aren't that close yet...

wicked: F*** yeah.

cathi: nah, the two mums groups I'm in tend to talk mostly about babies and mothering respectively. It's all very claustrophobic. And good luck for whenever it's your turn.