Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wet, naked babe

Due to popular demand (and we all know how much the stats improve when there's a baby photo), here's Baby in the nuddy. I'm going to keep this one for her 21st.


Beth said...

HI Violet,
Just wanted to say how cute your baby looks! She looks very healthy too! Gorgeous! I always dress Eve in "boys" clothes cos I hate pink, but you're right, sh gets a lot more attention in dresses.
YOu'd be very jelous of who I met yesterday. I'm not a Buffy fan (never seen an episode - sorry!) but I met the British guy - the older one who helps Buffy out all the time (not sure of his name). I live in England and his daughter goes to the school my husband teaches at (it's a Special Performing Arts school). Anyway, he's very nice! I was very excited because he's in one of my favourite programmes - Little Britain. I don't think you have it there.
Sorry to ask such a personal question, do you still breastfeed? Eve is just over 8 months and still seems to want 5 breast feeds a day, plus three square solid meals!!! I wasn't sure if this was normal???
Anyway, hope your partner books you a holiday soon,

Violet said...

beth, I AM jealous! I'm assuming you're talking about Anthony Stewart Head, who plays Giles. He's also great in that comedy about the four fifty-something guys (I can't remember the name 'cos my memory is shot and it's 2am). I've seen Little Britain, though I must admit the only skits I really like are the ones about the only gay man in his Welsh village.

And yes, I am still breastfeeding. I would dearly love to wean, but she's still pretty dependent on those breastfeeds to get back to sleep at night - she's gets offered three feeds per day (in addition to her three meals PLUS snacks), but seems to prefer to get her milk at night. That brings us to a total of 5 or more feeds every 24 hours...

The Editter said...

She looks different without her hair sticking straight up! But cute as, either way.