Saturday, May 20, 2006

A mini-milestone

She helps me turn the pages when I read to her. It's so cool.


darth said...

awwwwww!! a book lover already!! :D

Beth said...

Awww - Eve does that too. I'm an English teacher so it makes me proud! See - our babies might not be mobile yet, but they're obvioulsy avid readers!!!
I'm glad she is still sleeping better - that's fab!
I would start a blog, but I'd only forget to write in it and I'm (unfortunately) going back to teaching in September, too.
On the clothes front, I'm only just putting my maternity clothes away in the loft! I put on 4 stone with Eve and have only lost half of it so am in all my old baggy clothes. Luckily our holiday is only to Cornwall in a self-catering chalet!!! (I'm not jealous of your Fijiian break at all...honest!)
I really hope you have a well-deserved break! Have fun and make good use of the baby-sitters!!!
Beth and Eve

Choux*Pastry*Heart said...

AAAwww thats so sweet

Violet said...

darth: She takes after her parents - we both read tons of books, and that's not including the boy's graphic novels.

beth: Baby already has her own library card, though it's mostly because then we can borrow children's CDs for free.

Her naps are still really irregular (she'll either go to sleep as soon as you put her down, or scream for as long as you let her). But her night-time sleep is way more important, eh?

Cornwall sounds lovely - I always wanted to go there but when I was in the UK I lived in Edinburgh and it was too far to go...

chouxpastryheart: hello :-)