Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Still alive. Just.

It's been three whole days since my last blog post. Mostly this is due to the fact that I really only get time on the computer when Baby's in bed for the night, and during the first half of the week this clashes with telly time (Desperate Housewives, House and Lost).

It's also because I haven't had much to write about. I know, I know - it hasn't ever stopped me from posting daily in the past. But if I just wrote about whatever was on my mind this week, you'd get nothing but yet more huge helpings of stuff about Baby's non-sleep behaviour, my increasing inability to cook an inspiring dinner and the fact that I don't do anything really interesting these days.

Not yet, anyway. We're looking at booking a couple of weeks at a Fijian resort, hopefully for a fortnight's time. I won't say where we're thinking of staying though, in case one of you guys decides to stalk us (after all, we will have an extremely cute baby with us).

Hopefully the anticipation of a tropical island holiday (with babysitters) will help me get over my body-falling-apart time - I think I have a tummy bug because every ten minutes or so my stomach goes into a spasm strong enough to make me to forget my name. Then there's my left knee which hurts when I walk, my ankle is compacted and my lower back appears to have never recovered from pregnancy-related looseness...


Make Tea Not War said...

I don't do much/anything that is interesting either. This has to change!

glomgold said...

Sorry to read about all the aches and pains. I guess they're all post-baby related?
I've only seen House a couple times but Hugh Laurie's awesome. At least from what I remember about Black Adder.

Violet said...

mtnw: but at least you manage to find really interesting links.

glomgold: nah, it's all old age.
Hugh Laurie is pretty good in House, but I never expected to see him in a dramatic role.

Wicked said...

I stayed at The Warwick, on the Coral Coast. Wasn't bad; had in-house baby-looking-afterers, although I didn't need it then.

Drawbacks included driving for 2 hours (either way) to do anything in either Nandi or Suva.