Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Buffy sighting

The boy brought home another DVD last night, this time a Russion movie called Night Watch, apparently recommended by Gamester at Large.

First of all I had to ascertain whether or not it was yet another movie based on a graphic novel or computer game, as the boy is extremely partial to those. I only agreed to watch it because it wasn't.

As a very general overview, Night Watch reminds me of a less-pretty Underworld (perhaps the Russians have no Kate Beckinsale of their own). Against a setting in which there are two vampire (called "Other") factions, once at war and now in an uneasy truce, there's a young boy who's about to find out that he's a vampire more powerful than any before him. There's a race on to recruit the boy, a woman who unwittingly causes illness and death wherever she goes and a girl who suffers the frustration of losing the boyfriend she let herself get vamped for in the first place.

But I digress.

There's a scene where the boy is sitting in his apartment, sharpening wooden stakes (this is after he finds out the girl vamp is after him but before he finds out he is an "Other" also), watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer - it's the episode where she meets Dracula.

How cool is that?

And the movie...well the movie was interesting, but not arresting. Apparently there are two more to follow, and no doubt they're already on the boy's shopping list.


onscreen said...

Night Watch huh - that's a movie I've been wanting to see for a while - but I'll have to wait till my wife goes away for one of her girl weekends as she hates that type of movie :o(

Violet said...

yeah, I'm probably a little like your wife - but possibly a bit more tolerant. However, the boy waits for me to go to bed before watching his Star Wars prequels and Blade DVDs

glomgold said...

Oho! Waiting to see that trilogy so I'm not reading the rest of your post in case of any spoilers. Sorry.

Violet said...

glomgold: there's no need to worry - I haven't given away anything.