Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

What a rude start to Mothers Day - Baby wakes me up for a totally unnecessary feed just as midnight strikes, then afterwards I can't get back to sleep at all (why else would I be writing this blog post at 3am?). I keep meaning to buy camomile tea, as it's supposed to help with sleeplessnes (for Baby too, hopefully), but I keep forgetting. I forget an awful lot of things lately.

The boy kept asking me what I want for Mothers Day; I told him I wanted us to go on a date, but he either didn't like that idea or just knew it would be too hard to organise a wet-nurse to show up two-hourly after Baby goes to bed.

As an alternative, I said I wanted someone else to do the housework, at least for the day. The boy offered to pay for a one-off cleaner. At first, this seemed to fit the bill, but now I realise a cleaner probably isn't going to agree to do all our laundry and dishes, and make the following week's baby food.

Of course, first choice would have been a full night's sleep, but there are three main problems with this. Firstly, one night - though blissful - would never be enough. Secondly, until Baby is properly sleep-trained (or the boy's nipples start producing milk, or we find a willing wet-nurse), it's not going to be possible. And thirdly, even if by some miracle I wasn't disturbed for an entire night, there'd be no guarantee that I'd be able to get to sleep anyhow.

At least I can be sure of one thing - I really appreciate my own mother so much more now.


darth said...

happy first mothers day violet!!

Beth said...

Somehow you always manage to be spot-on with your blog! I love your realistic and honest approach to it! We had Mother's Day here in March, but happy mothers day! Yes it was the man who plays Giles - he was nice.
How are you getting on with the sleep training? I have to be honest that I frst came accross your blog when I typed "crying it out" into google!! At that time I thought you were letting your baby (not sure of her name - sorry!) cry it out as I was with Eve. It seemed so cruel at the time but now I have to say I am so glad I stuck at it. I had to be really strong and it took a week, but she now sleeps 11 hours at night and naps up to 2 hours. Honestly - I NEVER thought it would work and the first few days Eve cried for up to 90 minutes (I was going in every 5) but after a week it was like magic.
However - even after nearly 4 months of sleeping every night, I still can't get a good night's sleep. I just can't seem to nod off! I used to be known as "Dozy Dora" cos I was such a good sleeper, but now it takes me ages to get to sleep and I wake every hour. Some nights I don't sleep at all. I think it's being a mum. When I finally am asleep, I actually dream of a good night's sleep or a lovely Sunday morning lie-in (haven't had one of those for what seems like forever!).
Anyway, I just wante to tell you about the controlled crying cos it really DOES work - it just takes heart-breaking persistence.
Good luck,

Violet said...

Thanks, Darth. The boy took on the early shift this morning, and I got to stay in bed until 10!

beth: I'm so glad you can relate to what I'm going through. I did sleeptrain my daughter for naps, but not for night time. This worked twice, for a few weeks each - then it all fell apart again. I'm psyching myself up for the full-blown day and night sleep training, but want to get her checked out first to make sure there's no medical reason for all her night wakings. Your results are very encouraging though!

flying kiwi said...

Happy Mothers' Day Violet! I hope the Boy at least thought of something suitable as a present.

I was going to ask when is godmothers' day, but if it involves lack of sleep and pooey nappies then I retract the question.

Violet said...

flying kiwi:well, the boy said he'd pay for a one-off cleaner. But I want someone to clean, cook, do laundry and the dishes AND make the baby food. So I'll just leave it for now and make him pay for my next Amazon order...

Godmothers - or in your case - godless mothers don't have to deal with poos and sleeps, so you just have to buy us mums prezzies ;-)

Juliabohemian said...

who decided the feeding was unnecessary, her or you?

ElizaF said...

From one mother to another good karma and god(ess) blessings to you. Remember there is no shame in having you trolly full of alcohol and nappies at the checkout! :)

Violet said...

juliabohemian: me of course. I see it as unnecessary because she'd just had a breastfeed about 3 hours before - and she already gets 3 solid meals and 3-4 breastfeeds during the day.

elizaf: alcohol - if only it didn't make me go all bright red and sick..

Desiree said...

Oh dear - I've been neglecting you haven't I?!? Would another delivery of danish pastries, chocolate and/or sausage rolls help? You know I can cook but cleaning is erratic (the floor is a great place for leaving stuff), laundry Him Indoors does (actually he cooks too) although I do iron, dishes ditto and baby food is just not in the vocabulary (unless I overcook). So guess I don't qualify. However, I'm willing to hire out HI...!

Rainypete said...

Babies just can't communicate well> She just wanted to make sure she was first to wsh you a Happy Mother's Day. It'll eb a littel easier when she uses words instead of wailing.

Violet said...

Desiree: that's very kind of you. However, I've decided that his present to me (other than a very nice lie-in on the day), can be a sleep-training book which I want to order from the States (recommended to me by beth).

rainypete: yeah, I think I'd pefer a mangled breakfast in bed and a crayon greeting card!