Thursday, February 24, 2005

Three nights, four days

The boy and I decided it was high time we took a long weekend away again, in a couple of weeks' time. I didn't want to go to Rotorua for the umpteenth time, because we've seen most of the touristy places at least once (the geysers, the hot mud pools, buried Maori villages...). Usually the big draw for us is to find a motel which has private thermally heated hot pools, and spend our evenings in one. This time around though, the hot pools are off-limits for me.

So I thought that this time we could go to Napier.

Reasons to go to Napier:
- The boy has never been there before
- Its known for its Art Deco architecture, as the place was rebuilt in 1931 after a massive earthquake
- The weather is usually nice
- The area is covered in wineries (good for the boy) and orchards (good for me)
- It's not as far away as Rotorua, therefore the boy is less likely to get grouchy from all the driving (especially if I forget to pack the beer again)
- We can get there without flying (which the boy hates) or boating (which makes me nauseous - I've had enough of that in the last four months)

Reasons not to stay:

- It's where some schoolboys got done for inserting a broomstick into their classmate's bottom
- I have relatives there. Sooner or later, I'd bump into them and have to make small talk - maybe even visit them
- It's smaller than where we live, therefore will offer less to do at night
- Scenically speaking, it wouldn't hold a candle to most holiday spots in the South Island

No doubt we'll be on the lookout for Internet cafes once we get there.


Jon said...

I have no idea of the geography of New Zealand. I know about which island is which, but my limited 'experience' comes from the films 'Once were Warriors' (which was very powerful) and 'Heavenly Creatures'. In a nut shell, I have no suggestions as to where to vacation

EB said...

I liked walking along the shoreline listening to the sound of the ocean.

Frally said...

I haven't travelled much since I've been here due to having babies and such. Napier is one place I HAVE been due to it being 2 hours from where my in-laws live.
I LOVED it but DH and I are big Art Deco fans so that's no surprise (Hence the art on my blog banner being of that era). Our house here in CHCH is an old Art Deco style too.

flying kiwi said...

And you could always visit my parents - yeah right. There's actually nice hotpools in Napier now too - not that that's any good for you. There's the beach, and there are a couple of decent restaurants. And there's marineland, kiwi house and splash planet - maybe you should go back in a couple of years with the little one.

The Skirt said...

Oooh, lucky you - I love Napier!

My experience there is limited to a fantastic lunch (really, really good food in a great, relaxed, independent cafe) and a couple of hours driving around perving at the beautiful Art Deco houses, but it was a lovely time.

If only it were closer to Auckland, I'd visit on a more regular basis.

I guess you could always visit New Plymouth?

prz_rulez said...

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Nyx said...

I love Napier, lived there as a kid and I still haven't been back yet, very sad, will remedy this soon. Have a good time.
ps. They have a good website full of things to do, try this:

Violet said...

Well it sounds like we've made a good choice in our holiday destination (Saving New Plymouth for another time, when there's more to see than the art gallery and the park).

For Jon's benefit, I'll edit this post to include a couple of links.

Desiree said...

I lurve Napier - I have spent many a happy hour as a child there. I always love going there in the summer because the weather is nice and hot...8-)

And the wine, dahling, eh Flying Kiwi?!?! (oh bugger, you're preggers, damn...). Nevertheless there are heaps of great foodie places to go to - I recall an excellent Indonesian restaurant along the main drag (sorry can't remember the name). And Sileni Estates has an absolutely stunning cafe/deli you just have to try.

If you want accom, let me know - the boy is helping friends to set up their new motel in Taradale (no idea what the rates are).