Monday, February 21, 2005

Saturday night at the movies

I think it was the boy's way of making up for not really celebrating Valentine's Day (our first Valentine's Day together, he bought me a card and twelve long-stemmed roses; this year he bought me a card before sodding off to his role-playing evening). On Saturday he finally agreed to accompanying me to see Finding Neverland.

It was almost surprising that the boy enjoyed Finding Neverland, because there aren't any comic book heroes in the film - nor any violence to speak of. (But he has shown an occasional appreciation of fine film-making; he just seems to prefer the other stuff.) It was much sadder than I'd expected. The surreptitious eye-wiping started barely half-way into the movie, and with my hormones in the state they were I was deeply glad that I didn't have a mascara habit. The boy who played Peter was excellent, and possibly out-acted both Johnny and Kate. Johnny Depp's attempt at a Scottish accent was a miserable failure though. He could have tried taking lessons from Mike Myers, and ended up sounding Glaswegian - but that's better than sounding Irish. And he did better than Dustin Hoffman, who just sounds American.

Apart from that particular flaw, it was really good.

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