Monday, February 28, 2005

Freebies for me

There was a huge street carnival in town last weekend.
Of course, we missed most of it.

We did wander through after lunch, but we didn't actually see much; there was a thrash band, a DJ, a less-thrashy band and several food stalls. (Once upon a time food stalls were special, because they sold ethnic food you couldn't get otherwise, unless it was cooked at home. Nowadays though, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian and Indian eateries are more common than fish 'n' chip shops. I can't see the point in going out of my way to buy stuff from a street stall when I know very well I can eat the same thing in more comfort any day of the week.)
Oh, and there were lots and lots of people. I kept wondering what the hell all these people were there for - surely not just the live music and the opportunity to balance a plate of curry on one's lap.

So the only thing we had to show for an hour's worth of squeezing between bodies, was a packet of panty liners.

See, there was a woman giving them out to selected females in the crowd. Hopefully it didn't mean that she thought I could really do with a couple - that'd be something for the insecure wouldn't it? "Use these little mini-nappies and no-one will notice you're leaking like a tap"

As it happens - and sorry if you're eating right now - apparently at this stage in my pregnancy I can expect to just run like the proverbial water-sqirter, both nasally and down there. So I'm keeping them pant liners, just in case.

I went to visit my mother yesterday, and there was a huge bag of baby clothes in the dining room for me to pick up. It was really nice of my brother and his partner to loan them to us although it's a little early. But I'm not allowed to do any heavy lifting, so I'll divide it into about six shopping bags, and take a couple of bags each time I visit. Perhaps they didn't arrive too early after all.


EB said...

Hmmn, wonder what two hours worth of squeezing would have produced? I had a blood nose occasionally. The first discharge for me was the mucousy "show" itself about 3 days to the due date. I was not confident about describing the colour to the midwife.
Those bags of baby clothes will be very handy and have them sorted out too. Once the baby is born it might be non-stop. It certainly was for us. We found the open ended clothing allowed the baby's nappy to be checked and changed more easily. Say, does this mean you know the gender of the child?
And funnily enough I was eating while reading. I thought the stalls can be cheaper but yes I can relate to the comfort. The stalls in the shed at the Chinese Festival were popular so the place was packed. I went in with the pram and that was a mistake, almost couldn't get out and didn't buy any food.

Violet said...

Nope - still don't know whether its a boy, girl or something in between. I suspect the baby clothes are hand-me-downs from both my niece and my nephew, so all bases are covered.