Monday, February 21, 2005

Still awaiting 'the glow'

All the books say that in the second trimester I can expect my complexion to get really good - no oiliness, no dryness, just good old clear glowing skin.

Well, I'm in my second trimester now, and I'm still waiting. I can see now that it's one of those promises which I could wait the rest of my life for, without ever coming true.

I'm still waiting for that feeling of self-assurance and confidence which was supposed to come when I hit thirty.

Hell, I'm still waiting for that teenage growth spurt which was supposed to save me from years of peeking through tall people's legs at outdoor concerts.

Not only is my face suffering from the ravages of last-minute acne and eczema flare-ups, but in the shower this morning I found a network of fine pink lines running across my abdomen. Not so much linea nigra (a dark line running down your torso) as multiple linea rosa. I think they might be stretch marks, dammit.


The Skirt said...

I know of a magic mask that will make your skin glowy and lovely. It's a Clinique one, and I think it's called the moisture mask.

I was *very* sceptical when The Trouser bought it for me initially, but it is truly amazing. When my skin gets all scaly, red, stressed-out and eczema-y, I whack it on overnight. (It looks and acts like moisturiser so you don't have a green face or anything.) When I wake up in the morning it looks all normal again - genius!

And best of all, it seems to last forever - I'm still on my first tube. Completely worth whatever money they charge for these results!

Violet said...

Thats something I've noticed with Clinique stuff - it does last for ages. Thanks Skirt, I'll look out for it this week.

Desiree said...

I think it's called Skin Calming Moisture Mask. If you can't get it in a store, you could try ordering for $USD20 from either of these sites:

Or $AUD32.00 plus postage from the following eBay store:

If you want to try the eBay option let me know and I will sort out for you.

Make Tea Not War said...

I never experienced a pregnancy glow. I think its just a myth. In fact I can't recall ever having seen a pregnant woman who looked all glowy and serene except on an airbrushed magazine cover. Mostly they look extremely tired and uncomfortable which is certainly how I remember the whole thing.

Violet said...

Thanks Desiree. I'll check out the $NZ prices first, though I'd be surprised if buying it straight from the States didn't turn out to cost half as much.

Make Tea: that makes me feel better - sort of. At least I'm not missing out on anything this time!