Monday, February 28, 2005

Backpacker extraordinaire

...or so I would be if I'd been to every part of every country shaded on this map. For instance, I've been to Seattle and San Francisco but the whole of the USA gets filled in with red. Still, impressive-looking isn't it? (Found at Single Skirtedly).

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands


flying kiwi said...

Ha - I already maintain my own worldmap of places I've visited using ArcView. But that's just me being a GIS nerd.

EB said...

That was fun.

Violet said...

Flying Kiwi - yes it IS you being a GIS nerd. Not that I wouldn't have a go with the ArcView too, but that software wouldn't be free.

EB - yes it was, though not as fun as actually being in those places

Violet said...
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Jon said...

Ah, a seasoned traveller. I've travelled a lot as well, and it's the most interesting thing a person can do to get a perspective on life. BTW- what did you think of Seattle? I found it to be boring, though it has an impresive art scene for a small city

Violet said...

Jon: I really liked Seattle - despite the rain - but then I'm biased because I have a good friend there whom I stayed with. The lived music scene was lively, the place is full of great public art, there is free public transport within the city and a coffee place at every corner.

Jon said...

Well, I'm a NY snob. What do you expect?

fab said...

hey girl!
what did u like mostly when beeing in peru?
kind regards from a peruvian in slovenia.


Violet said...

Fab: Hey what's a Peruvian doing in Slovenia?
My fave part of Peru was probably hanging out in Cuzco.