Saturday, March 20, 2004

They're everywhere

I went to the park this afternoon and had a very cool time just being with my friends - Vinod has just started studying law part-time, Liz is organising her wedding, Sharmilla has been enjoying the perks of being in the travel industry, and Pravin had his nose in the Property section of the weekend paper again. In the background were the smooth sounds of Jacinta, a lounge singer who calls herself the "Singapore girl", followed by a reggae band and their grooving fans.

So I was rather surprised to find that my boss and her husband (who live 45 minutes away by car), had been sitting about four feet away from us the whole time. Don't get me wrong, she's very nice. It's just that I'd already finished work for the day and wasn't in a hurry to see my workmates again. And she just happened to be loitering about, just half a block from my house, two Sundays ago.

It's as though Fate is tossing us together like an unusual salad recipe.

She's not the first boss who's unintentionally trespassed on my free time, either. A few years ago I was on holiday in Canada and the U.S. I'd just spent a week in Vancouver getting to know the Siegal's Bagels guy (platonically), and had landed on Vancouver Island. It was a three-hour stint before continuing on to Seattle, to visit my friend Mike. In that three-hour period, who should spot me but my manager Pat and his wife-to-be?

Or maybe it's just a truly small world.

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