Monday, March 01, 2004

First day of the MLIS orientation, and Peter Jackson gets what he deserves

I attended my first day of orientation today, and came out of it dehydrated but well-fed. It appears that most of this year's intake is part-time, and there are quite a few international students as well. Despite my (possibly unreasonable) paranoia about getting mistaken for an international student, I ended up chatting with several women from China and Singapore, and sitting with most of the Asian students for the big photo.

This paranoia comes from years of being mistaken for a Japanese tourist whenever I go overseas, even to cities with sizable Chinese populations. And I'm sure that sometimes no-one came and talked to me because they assumed I didn't speak English. (I did bathe every single day, by the way.)

Most students I spoke to said their respective employers did not pay for their studies, and everyone wanted to know which employers did. So far, the Ministry of Economic Development does. I now want to work there.

The day ended with free pizza and orange juice. I was particularly impressed that it was Hell pizza, surely the best commercially made pizza in the country.

I'm so pleased that our Peter has won an Oscar for best director, and that LOTR got best picture, and that the Weta crowd received an Oscar too. No doubt our PM will organise a ticker-tape parade, and so will Wellington's Mayor - and so they should.

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