Thursday, March 04, 2004

The end of the almost-holiday and the start of student-hood

It was the last day of my four days study leave, and tomorrow I go back to work. At least it's only for one day before the weekend.

I met Diana today, who is one of the new MLIS students. It turned out that we had grown up in the same suburb and gone to the same primary, intermediate and secondary schools. It's funny how you can remember a teacher from well over thirty years ago, as soon as someone mentions her name.

My course book for the paper I'm doing this trimester is enormous. I'm just doing the one, but those fulltime students who are taking four papers at a time are busy organising wheelbarrows for the forest of paper they have to take home. I have 20-30 pages to read and think about before Tuesday morning - I hope that doesn't mean I won't have time to watch ER on Monday evening...

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