Thursday, March 18, 2004

So many displays, so little time..

I was supposed to get a display for the library, about Race Relations Day (on March 21st). I'd rung the Human Rights Commission for posters, started gathering books, and thought about what else I could put on the display board. Turns out it's only going to be up for a maximum of three days after all, due to the need to use that space for another display on Monday. But I got the posters up, put up some pretty pictures of people looking all ethnic, and laid out some books on racism, biculturalism (in New Zealand, it's not just an attitude - it's law), and immigration on the table. I think it'll do, though it's nowhere near as fun-looking as the St Patrick's Day display around the corner (how can you beat little stickers that read 'Kiss me, I'm Irish' ?).

I went to apply for my new driver's licence today, now that I'm legal to drive the library bus. I was shocked to find that I nearly failed the eye-sight test. The test I'd done at the doctors two months ago was fine - one eye is a bit short-sighted, but the other makes up for it. Today, when I tried to read the letters on that side, they were quite hard to read and I kept getting them wrong. So, I tried again only this time with much more squinting. That seemed to work. I'd better keep my (rarely worn, only at the movies) glasses handy...

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