Friday, March 26, 2004

Money, oysters and boots

Yum. It's Bluff oyster season in two days. Contrary to the opinion of most gourmets and foodies, I prefer them deep-fried in batter. And here's a yummy-sounding recipe for deep-fried oysters in coriander and chilli dressing which I found in stuff. I'll do my best to get the cook - I mean, the love of my life - to use it.

We had a bit of good news at our work meeting this morning. I was lucky not to miss it actually, because today the traffic was truly atrocious. It took an hour and a quarter of mostly idling and crawling, for me to get to work - normally it's 45 minutes of pretty reasonable travelling speed. To my slight irritation, the only other workmate who lives in the same city as I, was not late for work. Turns out he'd decided to get the train in.

But the good news was that the City Council, who runs the library, are prepared to subsidize library-related study to the tune of up to $1000 per financial year. That means that if I do the MLIS over three years I'd get over half of my course fees paid for. But, there was a big but. If the subsidized employee leaves her job less than one year after she passes the course, then she'll have to pay the money back.

Which is fair enough I suppose...we'll see.

After the dizzy joy I felt at being able to get my previously muscle-y calves into a pair of mid-knee high combat boots, I've decided to go shopping for a pair of dressy knee-high boots. This is despite the fact that, after paying all my bills for this month, I now have a measly $400 until my next pay day - which is almost exactly one fortnight from now. It will, however, probably take me weeks or months to find the right pair of boots - not too high-heeled, not too casual, elegant yet comfy (impossible?).

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