Friday, March 12, 2004

Bus-driving and legal

I passed my class 2 driving test today. That means that I'm licensed to drive the mobile library.

The test went quite well, apart from a screw-up at the very first intersection I came to. It's one with a Stop sign, and I never really notice it - I always stop there, but mostly because there's always traffic to give way to. This morning, I got to the Stop and there was no traffic around - so I sailed on through. Oops. But he let me off that one, because it was the first time he'd seen me do it.

So from next week I'll be spending at least one half-day per week on the mobile library.

The Shane Cotton exhibition opening turned out to be in the form of a traditional Maori powhiri. That meant an hour of welcomes, blessings, singing and speeches in Maori, before we were allowed to eat, drink, converse and peruse. There weren't enough chairs around, so most of us stood through the whole thing. So it was a little tiring, especially as it was 10 pm by the time I got home. And I was too shy to go up to the great artist himself and talk to him. What was I going to say - 'hi, I love yer work' ?

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