Monday, March 08, 2004

It's meet your personal tutor day...not

I arrived at the university nice an early for my 8.30 am appointment with my personal tutor. Hmm.. the door's closed, the lights aren't on, and there's a notice on the door which reads 'Student apointments 10am-12am'...
Well - that's a trip into town, plus a $3 parking fee, I could've been saved.

Luckily, complaining nicely does help - the admin person promised to book me in for another appointment and throw in a (free!) Visitor's parking permit too.

I'd already told my boss on Friday that I'd probably be maybe 20 minutes late to work, so I was pretty relaxed about cruising in at 9.15. Only to find that she'd forgotten, and thought I'd gotten mixed up with the roster changes, and had rung me at home to check. She's a little like my mother actually, in a mildly worry-wort kind of way (but she does her own shopping, is quite a bit younger and prefers Malaysian food to Cantonese food. And she's white).

Anyway, I just hope that this morning's no-show won't turn out to be a bad sign for the future. And tomorrow is my first class (they call 'em seminars), when I get the chance to find out whether I'm the only one to have hastily read through screeds and screeds of academic articles on the nature of information (should we take the Positivist approach, or the Post-Modernist one?).

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