Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It's a long way from the tramping club to the philosophy club

Day 3 of the MLIS orientation and I'm finally starting to remember people's names, and getting to know which ones I like talking to. Dan, who is one of the several Canadian lecturers, is friendly, easy to talk to and got my jokey remark about getting photocopier-rage. And there's a Korean girl whose name I can't spell - she's cool because she acts like a local and is learning Italian (which is surely the sexiest language in the world).

In the Quad were dozens of on-campus clubs, as there are in every university during Orientation Week. I got to compare and contrast the variety of clubs on offer this year, with those available when I was an undergraduate (umm - its been a few years).

Probably not too much has changed, but I'm noticing different things.

Back in my day...

the tramping club was king, and there were two karate clubs. Today I was drawn to the diving club (I can't dive due to my asthma, but the guy there was pretty friendly) and a philosophy club. Finally a sociable way for me to ask people what the hell Thomas Aquinas was talking about.

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