Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The quest for misinformation

I've decided that the essay question I'll do, for my assignment, will be on misinformation - what it is, who's vulnerable to it etc. I thought I'd be able to find examples all over the place e.g. the output of the Minister of Information in Iraq, political propoganda in just about any country you can name, scientific hoaxes...

Although I thought I'd be fine with finding material in the university library, I have to admit I have been a little lost there. I haven't used Library of Congress call numbers for many many years, and that's the first unsettling bit. The next is the fact that the library is really huge compared to, say, the public library I work in. Even compared to the public library in the City, which covers three floors. So navigating the place requires, at the very least, a directory. I found it necessary to get help from the library assistant, actually. But hey, I'm not proud. Any place is intimidating for the first (or second) time, eh? Anyone got any ideas on infamous broadcasters of misinformation (plus supporting journal articles) ?

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